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[Note- Until the felony charge for which I was falsely arrested are dropped, www.hossturlingtons.com, www.firstfamilies.net, and www.13thjudicialdistrictok.us will be used primarily to inform the public of corruption in Oklahoma's 13th Judicial District.]

Philpott most recent felony conviction was 2017


December Update

I’m Hoss Turlington, proprietor of Hoss Turlingtons Bee and Goat farm, located 4 miles from where the borders of Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma meet. I am a former law enforcement officer, a certified Oklahoma private investigator, and retired from the military. This is a webpage version of the December 2018 update video.

Almost five years ago I shot, in self-defense, convicted drug dealer, multiple felon Darrell Philpott as he committed aggravated assault against me with a glass bottle. Earlier this year I made several videos about the shooting. The purpose of this video is to update you with some of Philpott’s crimes SINCE April 2014 when he committed aggravated assault against me. For those of you that are unfamiliar with my case, instead of arresting Philpott, who at the time had been convicted of three felonies (including a drug dealing conviction) and multiple DWIs (and lots and lots of other dangerous and violent crimes), Delaware County Sheriff Harlan Moore, *ordered* my arrest. Philpott is well known as a long-term police informant in Delaware County and has snitch immunity from prosecution. In Delaware County, Oklahoma, Snitch drug dealers get more protection from cops than disabled veterans get.


The bottom line is that in the short time since Philpott assaulted me with a glass bottle in the spring of 2014, Philpott has been recorded multiple times threatening to kill a police officer, he’s assaulted two law enforcement officers in two different incidents, received two more drunk driving convictions (that’s in addition to the four we know about prior to his assaulting me), another meth drug felony conviction, a schedule VI drug conviction, and has been found twice by law enforcement officers passed out drunk in the middle of the street.


And this is the man that Delaware County prosecutor Nic Lelacas allowed to not only testify against me, a military retiree and disabled veteran, but commit perjury in an Oklahoma court of law. Perjury is a felony in Oklahoma and Nic is under investigation for not reporting it as of the publishing of this video. And Nic’s buddy, the Drug Dealer, Philpott had not one but two 2009 Missouri bench warrants for his arrest when Nic allowed Philpott to commit perjury. And those same two Missouri bench warrants were active when Philpott assaulted me in 2014. Keep in mind Sheriff Harlan Moore and Deputy Melvin Gayle Wells knew about these arrest warrants as well as the rest of Philpott’s criminal past when they covered for him the night of my arrest.

Following are descriptions of convicted drug dealer Philpott’s two most recent arrests since April 2014 when he committed aggravated assault against me.


In 2016, Benton County Deputy Justin Crane found Philpott in the middle of a road passed out drunk in a car with the engine running and his foot on the brake pedal. When Deputy Crane told Philpott to get out of car, Philpott looked him straight in the eye, told him “Bye” and reached for the gearshift to leave. Philpott then physically resisted arrest, and Deputy Crane devotes sixteen lines of text to describe how Philpott fought with and resisted him. Because of Deputy’s Crane’s arrest, Philpott was convicted of a Felony Meth charge, two DWI charges and a Schedule VI drug charge. At the time Deputy Crane arrested Philpott, Philpott had the same two 2009 Missouri Bench Warrants for his arrest mentioned before. Thankfully, Benton County Deputies had no reason to cover for Philpott and after seven years, Philpott finally answered for those two warrants and was convicted of his first of two drunk driving convictions in 2016.

If Deputy Crane’s arrest isn’t enough for you, in July of this year, Benton County Deputy Sheriff Cedric Lampkin found Philpott once more drunk and passed out in the highway, except this time Philpott was lying on the ground with his legs in the driving lane of west highway 72 in Benton County. In THIS arrest, when responding medics tried to help Philpott, he physically fought them to the point they were unable to transport him. When Deputy Lampkin tried to handcuff Philpott, Philpott became aggressive and resisted arrest, threatening Deputy Lampkin that he was going to kill him for handcuffing him. Philpott repeated this threat to kill a police officer at least three more times in separate incidents on the way to jail while banging his head against the car windows and trying to kick them out. Halfway through the video, Philpott repeatedly orders Deputy Lampkin to pull over. When Deputy Lampkin refuses, Philpott asks him over and over again if he's afraid, and lets out a demonic growl, and then a demented laugh, and then goes right back to taunting Deputy Lampkin.


Since Deputy Lampkin is African American, Philpott gave him bonus treatment that white men don’t get. In addition to repeatedly calling Deputy Lampkin a little bastard and a son of a bitch, Philpott also called Deputy Lampkin a f*cking n*gger , and mother f*cking n*gger and variations of that racial attack.


As for the Public Intoxication and Obstructing a Governmental Operations charges from Deputy Lampkin’s arrest-you guessed it, Philpott failed to appear in court to answer for them. Benton County issued Bench Warrant 51052018 on 8 October, just two months ago. That’s right, Prosecutor Nic Lelecas’ star witness is at-large, on the loose, and wanted by the police for failing to appear to answer for crimes he committed this summer. Perhaps Philpott is hanging out with Nic Lelecas in Philpott’s safe space, Delaware County, Oklahoma. No doubt that prosecutor Nic Lelecas will allow Philpott to walk into an Oklahoma court with active bench warrants, perjure himself, and leave a free man again, just like Nic let Philpott do at my preliminary hearing. Don't forget, Philpott has Oklahoma Snitch immunity in Delaware County. He can do whatever he wants on our side of the state line.


What does Philpott’s character and my character have to do with whether or not I shot Philpott in self-defense? It’s a simple matter of credibility. Whose version of events do you believe, the career criminal with multiple felony convictions and active warrants for his arrest, or the disabled veteran family man recently retired from the military?


I am asking you to judge my life against Philpott’s in order to make a credibility determination. I am a disabled veteran. Along with both my brothers, father, grandfather and great great grandfather, I am listed in the very first row of memorial markers at the Delaware County Walk of Honor in front of the courthouse. The Veteran's Associations put up my and my family’s markers after I shot Philpott, and they knew at the time what had happened. Clearly, I have the support of local veterans who know the details of my arrest. Like all veterans, my family has sacrificed and suffered, with my grandfather giving his life in the Philippines in World War 2, my brother REB suffering traumatic brain injury in Iraq, my brother Lance spending 41 months deployed to the middle east and Bosnia, with a year in Mosul, a year in Baghdad, and a year in various locations around the middle east.


I tore up my back and knees as a young paratrooper in the 82d GBA Airborne Division, and received injuries from a death jump into Puerto Rico in the 80s that, some mornings, keep me bedridden.


In the past 4 and a half years while Philpott was committing crimes and assaulting police officers, I have been a law-abiding citizen. I am active in several civic organizations in Delaware County including the Grove Masonic Lodge where I have been chosen as an officer every year since Philpott assaulted me, most recently just this month. I became a 32d degree mason and a life member of the Scottish rite and was initiated into the Shriners the year after Philpott assaulted me. Clearly, I have the support of Freemasons who know the details of my arrest. I am a life member at the Grove chapter of Disabled American Veterans, and I have been a member of the American Legion and the Delaware County Historical Association, both in Jay, for almost four years. I am active in the cub scouts with my two oldest boys (my firstborn Hardee is 9, his brother Hoss Britton is 7,) and have fathered two more children with their mother, Julie, who teaches High School Biology in Miami. My daughter Audrey Maxine is 4 years old and son John Duke Kelly Turlington is two and a half. Finally, I retired from the military last year and established Hoss Turlingtons Bee and Goat Farm in Delaware County, Oklahoma.


Please, compare me and my life to the career drug dealer, violent felon Philpott, who attacks and threatens to kill police officers.

As a former law enforcement officer myself, I understand that when the police arrive at the scene of an altercation, inevitably they are going to hear two different versions of what happened.


You have to use common sense, and assess credibility to determine: who was more likely to be the aggressor, me or this guy who is constantly fighting cops and threatening to kill them? A reasonable person doesn’t have to think about this for very long. If you can’t figure it out, just ask Benton County deputies Crane or Lampkin. They are the most recent law enforcement officers Philpott assaulted when they placed him under arrest. Or ask any cop in Ottawa County or Delaware county other than Sheriff Harlan Moore or Deputy Melvin Gayle Wells who is familiar with my arrest what they think about it.

My recorded interview with Detective Frank Miller is linked from firstfamilies.net. Listen to it and consider these five similarities in each of Philpott's violent outbursts, with first with me, then Deputy Crane, then with Benton County Emergency Medical Technicians, and then with Deputy Lampkin:

1) Philpott was drunk or high or both,

2) He was caught committing a crime.

3) Someone tried to stop him (or help him, with the medics)

4) He tries to flee the scene of his crime(s)

5) When that doesn’t work, he gets violent, then taunts and provokes the arresting agent, in the case of law enforcement officers. In my case, the provocation and taunting preceded the assault.

Now ask yourself if the altercation between me and Philpott is just part of his overall trend.

Regrettably, Delaware County Prosecutor Nic Lelecas is STILL protecting his violent felon snitch, despite all this. That’s right. Darrell Eugene Philpott, the career criminal thug with drug felonies and other dangerous and violent crimes spanning 37 years, who still gets so drunk in public he passes out in the middle of a highway, REMAINS prosecutor Nic Lelecas’ star witness against me, the former law enforcement officer, disabled veteran who is recently retired from the military.


In closing, if this is your first time seeing one of my videos, and you want to see future ones, subscribe on youtube or follow on facebook. My next video will be on Philpott’s life of crime prior to meeting me. You will get to hear testimony about Philpott’s drunken violence from his es wife about how she and her adult daughter had to get protective orders from Philpott’s drunken rages in which he kicks animals, hits women, then tells them he’s going to burn down their homes, .. stuff like that.


Please pray for my elderly parents, my wife and my children and me. All families suffer when a loved one is prosecuted, whether or not the loved one is guilty. But in my situation my family and I have had to watch not only a dirty cop withhold exculpatory evidence and tamper with witness testimony, but we’ve also had to watch while prosecutor Nic Lelecas allows it, as well as allowing his convicted drug dealer witness to commit perjury multiple times, and otherwise do everything they can do to protect their drug dealer snitch.


Thank you for sharing my videos and letting them on your wall .


If you think the DA should believe me, the disabled veteran, over Darrell Philpott, the convicted Drug Dealer with four felonies, with multiple DWIs, one of the felonies and two of those DWIs as recent as last year please call Kenny Wright at 918.253.4217 (Jay) or 918.542.5547 (Miami) and tell him. Or at least, if Kenny doesn’t drop my charges, please remember this next election date when Kenny will actually have someone running against him.